Thursday, October 17, 2019

The Harvest Full Moon

The Magic!!!!

In case you thought the New Moon was your only opportunity to create massive abundance and amplify your manifesting power, it’s high time you think again!

The Full Moon is so immensely powerful because it channels infinite energy towards us, as you shall soon see...

In fact, the Full Moon is so explosive in its cosmic energies no celestial event even comes close!

The Full Moon is all about: Potential. Momentum. Transformation.

It’s magnetic illuminations charge our cells at a lightning-fast speed, creating a pulsating vibration of potential within us. Which is why Full Moons are prime time for sudden, but deep transformation.

The Full Moon is no ordinary celestial event by any means…
The Full Moon Can Transform Your Very Being In A Near-instant.
But in order to make way for its magical light to fill every corner of your capacity, you must first release the dark, heavy energy you are holding within.

You see, at all times, you carry so much emotional baggage that you likely don’t even know is there. Tiresome experiences of everyday life, past energetic entanglements, and karmic ties that stay with you longer than you realize.

It’s only when this burden becomes too heavy to bear that you discover that something, somewhere deep inside, is not really right...

And that’s where the power of the Full Moon can heal in ways you never thought possible.

The pure, white rays of the Full Moon redeem your soul, ridding it of all toxins and spiritual dust clinging to you. And the faster you cleanse yourself of this emotional baggage, the faster you’ll begin seeing your deepest desires manifest.

You see, the New Moon's energies are more gradual and slow-paced. To understand how it works, here’s a perfect analogy:

Imagine a vast garden of black, fertile earth, but devoid of any greenery – just like a dark and moonless sky. The New Moon is the perfect time to plant the seeds of your intentions deep down... it requires a thoughtful process of what you want to manifest in your life long-term...

The Full Moon, on the other hand, acts fast. Things change in an instant when the Full Moon is at its apex. Its cosmic influence is truly profound which is why people often get a little crazy around the Full Moon…

Don’t believe us? Listen to this…
The Full Moon has been known to make people feel less sleepy, crime rates surge around a Full Moon and – wait for it – researchers have observed increased chances of success for certain surgeries when performed at the Full Moon!

But there is something else that makes the Full Moon even more magical – its celestial partnership with the Sun.

The Sun is the masculine embodiment of boundless ancient cosmic energy. This heavenly body symbolizes power, strength, and action. Our moon, on the other end of the spectrum, is deeply feminine, receptive, tolerant, and profoundly mystical.

On the eve of the Full Moon, the Sun and the Moon are directly opposite each other, in preparation for their meet-cute.

An intense bond instantly forms as the masculine and feminine energies unite, unleashing limitless creativity and infinite magic...

And when this occurs, things happen fast. So fast, there’s no time to wait.

Make no mistake: the Full Moon does not promise gradual manifestation of your intent. It’s so utterly rapid in its magical powers that its gifts are often perceived as a supernatural phenomenon. Without a doubt, the Full Moon is an opportunity to completely change your life in a moment.

But do take heed...

Remember the old saying that you ought to be careful what you wish for? Well, nothing could be more true for this upcoming Full Moon. The masculine and feminine cosmic energies are about to meet at their highest vibrational frequencies, and you will only get ONE chance to get this right…

So my friends take your time before you try to manifest. Think out what you want make sure it is exactly right. Then do your manifestation.

Los of Luck and stay calm and believe it is all about TRUST.
With the Love of Angels,
~ Rev. Barbara

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Libra Moon

Our lovely Libra New Moon is upon us!

At 11:27am PST our Sun and Moon will be meeting at 5 degrees Libra.

We have LOTS of Libra today with personal planets Mercury and Venus in this relationship-oriented sign as well.

This is a SUPERMOON. So, the Moon's emotional impact will have extra resonance.

New Moons always bring fresh starts and new beginnings.

Today's lunation even more so, because we just experienced a major karmic reckoning!

We experienced today the final conjunction between Saturn, the Lord of Karma, and the Moon's South Node (which represents past life karmic patterns).
The timing of this couldn't be more impeccable.


You might be culminating a relationship with a person, place or your career. One thing is sure, your life is going to be different.

Mind you, YOU need to take action to make positive changes in your life.

One thing the past few months have taught you is that you need to reclaim your time and energy.

Saturn teaches you boundaries!

Since the Equinox, Chiron (the wounded healer) has been opposing our Sun. This tension has shed light on any wounds you have regarding your relationships.

By doing so, you can take your power back!

During this New Moon, it benefits you to declare some crystal clear intentions:

How can you reclaim your time to benefit your well-being?
Where can you shore up energy leaks around money or relationships?
How can you honor your heart's desires more?
Who are the people who truly support you?
Who are the people who drain you? Can you let them go?
What structures can you put in place to help you build your dreams?
Enjoy this extraordinary energy!

Good Luck
Try to bring in a lot of love for self
~Rev. Barbara
The Salem Love Psychic

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

The Libra Sun

Fall is Here!

The Libra Sun crossed the celestial equator marking the Equinox – a perfect harmony of seasons, a delicate balance of light and dark, that magical moment where day and night are perfectly equal and everything is still. While things may feel quiet, these changing celestial tides are making a major impact on you this week.

No matter where you are in the world, a portal of personal transformation was thrown wide open as the Equinox aligned with the Sun’s foray into Libra, the sign of balance. This cosmic power-couple thins the walls between the old you and the new you, ushering in a time of shedding and renewal. One that marks the beginning of your new dawn. And, come Sunday, the Libra New Supermoon will only amplify your ability to consciously create your own destiny.

This transformational trifecta is a blessing indeed, with plenty of important messages you need to receive.

Have a good ONE

Lots of Love to you all.

~Rev. Barbara
The Salem Love Psychic

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Mysticism and Salem Through the Ages

Well, we all know where the Salem Witch Hysteria had led, but what about before and after that year? There are tales of the Second Coming of Christ, Spiritualist who wanted to give a robot a soul, seances, religions, and more.

First Salem was founded by Puritans... let us move on past them.

Son of Governor John Winthrop, John Winthrop was a follower of John Dee and had brought and shared his library of works throughout Salem and then Connecticut where he became governor. Many say he was alchemist like John Dee. John Dee was a court astrologer to Queen Elizabeth I. For a time he traveled outside of England with Edward Kelly promising kings and emperors that they could turn lead into gold. Something that got Edward Kelly killed by one of those emperors when he failed. In time Dee returned to England and received a pension from the Queen. Winthrop had many friends in power who followed his lead talking to angels and demons. These are the men who pointed at the poor and the unprotected rich widow and blamed them of doing magic.

Then in 1641, Edward Dimond was born in Marblehead. He grew up to become the Wizard of Marblehead. Vessels sailing through Salem harbor during a storm could hear his voice calling them by name and vessel from on top of Burial Hill safely back to port. He could also detect thieves and his powerful built forced them to return what they stole. 

Dimond's granddaughter Moll Pitcher was born in 1736, 4 years after Dimond's death. Was it the wizard reincarnated? She became a powerful psychic that during the war gave a personal reading to George Washington and then the next day to an English general. Many sailors would not sign on to a ship before Pitcher would declare if it was to be profitable and would return safely. Ship captains feared her predictions, one could assume she had played this to her advantage more than once. She made her home below High Rock in Lynn. Her strangest client was "Lord" Timothy Dexter who built a fine mansion in Newburyport. Maybe from following her advice, he was able to sell copper bedwarmers and gloves in the Caribean which was used to boil molasses and gloves that Asians bought to sell in Siberia. Another time he followed a jest to sell coal to a rich coal region in Newcastle in England, it arrived during a shortage and sold for a premium. Did Pitcher advise him in these miraculous sales? For others when asked where treasure was to be found she would say, "Fools, if I knew where money was buried, do you think I would part with the secret?"

In 1794 William Hill brought the New Church to Salem. The church was founded by followers of Emanuel Swedenborg a 17th-century Christian scholar who talked to angels. Swedenborg created many popular beliefs such as when we die we become angels and that we continued to grow and progress in Heaven. From 4 parishioners they spread out in time to a good congregation.  Rev. O.P. Hiller had given a lecture at the Salem Lyceum that had hundreds attend in 1841. Henry Kemble Oliver offered his schoolhouse for them to meet in. Their church in time was built in 1872 on the lot the Salem Atheneum resides on now.

An employee of Oliver was Jones Very. Jones Very was a poet who graduated from Harvard who was highly respected by Ralph Waldo Emmerson. Very was a mystic who thought he was the Second Coming of Christ who was influential in the group in Salem and Concord. Very worked his way quite fine into the growing Transcendentalist Movement as their mystic. Nathaniel Hawthorne was the Secretary of the Lyceum who booked many of his fellow members of the movement to give lectures in the hall including a Miss Ida A. Fay who gave a lecture on Mediumship at the Lyceum in 1843. Hawthorne's sister-in-law Elizabeth Peabody introduced Very to the Concord group to give a lecture in 1883.

Now step back to around the time of the Civil War, there were the Hutchinson Family Singers. They were singing abolitionist, who were also spiritualist.  They were hired to talk to a dead pirate to find a treasure in Lynn Woods. Could that treasure be the one someone asked Moll Pitcher to find? In fact, the Hutchinson's lived above Moll Pitcher's old homesite on High Rock. The strangest story tied to them was when a woman was prayed in front of with an early robot was placed next to her while she was giving birth, they were hoping the soul would go in the robot and not the baby.

In 1894 the First Spiritualist Church opened up on Warren Street in Salem. By this time there were 18 professionals who listed in Salem papers offering magnetic healing, clairvoyance, mediumship, and mesmerizing.  A follower of the Spiritualist Church was the wife of John Hamond Jr. of Hammond Castle in Magnolia. Hammond at one time almost incorporated with Nikola Tesla. While visiting Hammond, tesla took part in an experiment where they placed a psychic in a double Faraday Cage, which prevented electromagnetic currents from leaving or exiting the cage. Tesla went with a psychic a mile away and the woman communicated with the psychic in the cage and proved that psychic ability is not an electromagnetic current. Tesla started visiting the Hammond's around 1909 with Mark Twain who had saved Hammond's father's life in South Africa. Many think John Hammond Jr. has come back to live in his castle as a black cat on several occasions after his death. Many houses in Salem are also haunted by various souls from the last 300 or so years.

In 1906 Harry Houdini broke out from the Salem Police Department jail on Charter Street and released everyone else from their cels who walked past the audience. On Halloween 1990 they held a seance to see if he wanted to talk to his family, he didn't. 

Then in the 70's there were a series of women who attended Salem State College. They were embracing feminine pursuits and looking into spiritualism, magic, witchcraft, and comparative religions. They created an embracing community. Then an exotic dancer came back from working in the Latin Quarter nightclub owned by Barbara Walters' father and those women soon all moved to Cape Ann. Just like the Puritans aggravated the town father Roger Conant to move north, Laurie Cabot did the same to the original witches of Salem...

Now, since 1990, Angelic of the Angels follows these roots extending from the New Church and the Spiritualists to offer you a way to find your bliss through the help of your angels, your family. 

Visit them on your next voyage to this truly magical city!

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Photo Shoot of the Salem Love Psychic

Check out the latest Photo Shoot of the Salem Love Psychic
Rev. Barbara

Check her out and her great staff of psychics and teachers at Angelica of the Angels, the Home of the Salem Love psychic!

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

The Salem Love Psychic Online Metaphysics Classes

Coming Soon!

Rev. Barbara, the Salem Love Psychic, will be starting online classes soon through Skype and Google Hangouts. Barbara has traveled throughout the country giving lectures and selling her book and is now able to teach you one on one anywhere in the world. 

She will be teaching courses on metaphysics, mediumship, psychic ability, divination, the Tree of life, and lots and lots more! She has ran her shop in Salem for 30 years and teaching people in her shop and home for even longer. Within the last year, she just published her first book Burnt Toast and Oranges: The Miss Adventures of a Salem Love Psychic.  She just sold out her first run of the book and is inspired to write a few more!

So contact Angelica of the Angels and keep looking back to this blog for more information!

Rev. Barbara, The Salem Love Psychic

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Four Things you Need to Know About the Tree of Life

The Tree of Life of the Kabalahists is an ancient diagram of how creation manifested out of divine light. The diagram is of 10 spheres with 22 paths connecting them. The divine light hits the crown or the top of the tree and is projected through its lens like a prism. Once the light passes through the prism its opposite is reflected. The top three spheres make a triangle of archetypes that is reflected in the next three spheres and the triangle it makes. As the light travels down the tree through the next triangles comprised of spheres it becomes slower and denser creating the matter of our world at the bottom. 
You can think of it as a giant teapot. There is an unimaginable heat that excites the water to turn it to a gaseous state. With that heat creates unbounded energy that is bouncing everywhere without a direction or purpose. In this case, the prism or the collective apparatus is the spout. The spout concentrates that energy and directs it. Now imagine if you were distilling that water, the hose attached to the spout would collect that steam. Then if you cool the steam by running that hose through ice, the steam would slow and cool and return to its natural state as water. Then the water can become the source of life and making the various parts of creation. This is what happens as light travels through the Tree of life.

Another way to understand this ancient root diagram is this way. There are three columns to the Tree. The left and right pillars are also known by their Hebrew names Boaz and Jachin (both of which originally stood in King Solomon’s Temple, the First Temple in Jerusalem.) The center pillar (which includes Kether, Tiphareth, Yesod, and Malkuth) is the “Pillar of Mildness.”  We are going to focus on the middle pillar or column, since the other two only describe it. The middle pillar is the process of creation or the bus. When you travel on a bus, you do not need to concern yourself with the laws of thermal dynamics, how the internal combustion works, the health of the driver, the stock value of the company, and such; if it works you are only aware that you arrived at your destination.

So now to the 4 parts of the tree of life you need to know. We are going to continue on with the bus analogy.
  1. First, you have an idea to travel.
  2. Second, you buy your ticket.
  3. Third, you go to the station and travel on the bus.
  4. Fourth you arrive and leave your review on Google.

Everything else and its complications can be broken down into these least common denominators. In fact, everything in this world and the next can be broken down and moved back up again through them. If you understand how to be the best mechanic, you can be the best doctor. Ponder this: both a car and a person has a place where fuel enters; a mouth and gas cap. That fuel follows a tube; fuel pipe and your throat. From there it enters a storage unit; stomach and gas tank. Then it follows smaller tubes; fuel lines and veins. It enters a combustion unit; your heart and a carburetor (yes I am dating myself). Then there is a spark and all sorts of miraculous movements happen. It is a simple diagram, the Tree of Life, that can manifest into anything and everything once you understand it. In fact, all software starts as a diagram or flow chart.

To explain this on a mystical point of view of how we got here and our jobs in the role of creation is this.

The top of the central column represents god or a mainframe. All that light that is beyond comprehension enters a central hard drive. Some people call this God and he has this idea. He sends a task out to be comprehended and developed. The Archangels become the architects who make a blueprint. They pass their plans on to the angels who are the factory worker who creates the idea into reality. They make the product from the plans of the idea of the guy who pays for their checks. Then we are the consumers who use the product and we get to praise the guy who had the idea or leave a bad review on Google for him.

This is a point we loose in America. If through the powers of creation from the beginning we are given the equal power to God or the man who had the dream of reality, why do we lower ourselves below those who run the companies that had the idea for the products we purchase or the people we elect to make the ideas in our government. If more people realize they are god, and that everyone is equal since they are god too, we might bring those who have not seen the light and lost that feeling of love and connectedness back into the fold and they will not be separate or higher in position and not feel lower anymore. There are far more people in this world who are unified that buy the products or elect the kings than the CEO or the leaders of this world. In this multitude, there must be someone who can reach them and bring them back to the family. To let them continue on their own is a drain on the whole. They are trying to create a new world from taxed resources.

Taxed resources? Do you keep going back to the gas pump alone? No, you need to go back to the well. Well, if they are that desperate to create their own world, we might be able to find a way to send them back to the source of that unimaginable light so they can start out once again from the void to make their own universe. As modern quantum scientists explain, our universe is just one badminton birdie amongst infinite others that take up very little space in the source of it all. The gnostics mention Sophia who did just this to create our own world when she fell from her place of origin and her son who did not know her created desire and fear. He feared if he existed something else might, then when nobody said hi or killed him he desired others to play with and our world was created. Then when he made something great, his mom only showed up to take the credit. In fact, maybe I should go back to the source and find another badminton birdie to play with... 

To find more illuminated souls visit Angelica of the Angels in Salem, Ma to find out we are a lot more than witches! Also the Salem Love Psychic, will be teaching more secrets of the Tree of Life in her Thursday 6pm advance classes in Peabody Ma. Contact us through our website to sign up. Soon she will be teaching classes online though Google Hangouts and Skype.

Angelica of the Angels, the home of the Salem Love Psychic.