Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Photo Shoot of the Salem Love Psychic

Check out the latest Photo Shoot of the Salem Love Psychic
Rev. Barbara

Check her out and her great staff of psychics and teachers at Angelica of the Angels, the Home of the Salem Love psychic!

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

The Salem Love Psychic Online Metaphysics Classes

Coming Soon!

Rev. Barbara, the Salem Love Psychic, will be starting online classes soon through Skype and Google Hangouts. Barbara has traveled throughout the country giving lectures and selling her book and is now able to teach you one on one anywhere in the world. 

She will be teaching courses on metaphysics, mediumship, psychic ability, divination, the Tree of life, and lots and lots more! She has ran her shop in Salem for 30 years and teaching people in her shop and home for even longer. Within the last year, she just published her first book Burnt Toast and Oranges: The Miss Adventures of a Salem Love Psychic.  She just sold out her first run of the book and is inspired to write a few more!

So contact Angelica of the Angels and keep looking back to this blog for more information!

Rev. Barbara, The Salem Love Psychic

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Four Things you Need to Know About the Tree of Life

The Tree of Life of the Kabalahists is an ancient diagram of how creation manifested out of divine light. The diagram is of 10 spheres with 22 paths connecting them. The divine light hits the crown or the top of the tree and is projected through its lens like a prism. Once the light passes through the prism its opposite is reflected. The top three spheres make a triangle of archetypes that is reflected in the next three spheres and the triangle it makes. As the light travels down the tree through the next triangles comprised of spheres it becomes slower and denser creating the matter of our world at the bottom. 
You can think of it as a giant teapot. There is an unimaginable heat that excites the water to turn it to a gaseous state. With that heat creates unbounded energy that is bouncing everywhere without a direction or purpose. In this case, the prism or the collective apparatus is the spout. The spout concentrates that energy and directs it. Now imagine if you were distilling that water, the hose attached to the spout would collect that steam. Then if you cool the steam by running that hose through ice, the steam would slow and cool and return to its natural state as water. Then the water can become the source of life and making the various parts of creation. This is what happens as light travels through the Tree of life.

Another way to understand this ancient root diagram is this way. There are three columns to the Tree. The left and right pillars are also known by their Hebrew names Boaz and Jachin (both of which originally stood in King Solomon’s Temple, the First Temple in Jerusalem.) The center pillar (which includes Kether, Tiphareth, Yesod, and Malkuth) is the “Pillar of Mildness.”  We are going to focus on the middle pillar or column, since the other two only describe it. The middle pillar is the process of creation or the bus. When you travel on a bus, you do not need to concern yourself with the laws of thermal dynamics, how the internal combustion works, the health of the driver, the stock value of the company, and such; if it works you are only aware that you arrived at your destination.

So now to the 4 parts of the tree of life you need to know. We are going to continue on with the bus analogy.
  1. First, you have an idea to travel.
  2. Second, you buy your ticket.
  3. Third, you go to the station and travel on the bus.
  4. Fourth you arrive and leave your review on Google.

Everything else and its complications can be broken down into these least common denominators. In fact, everything in this world and the next can be broken down and moved back up again through them. If you understand how to be the best mechanic, you can be the best doctor. Ponder this: both a car and a person has a place where fuel enters; a mouth and gas cap. That fuel follows a tube; fuel pipe and your throat. From there it enters a storage unit; stomach and gas tank. Then it follows smaller tubes; fuel lines and veins. It enters a combustion unit; your heart and a carburetor (yes I am dating myself). Then there is a spark and all sorts of miraculous movements happen. It is a simple diagram, the Tree of Life, that can manifest into anything and everything once you understand it. In fact, all software starts as a diagram or flow chart.

To explain this on a mystical point of view of how we got here and our jobs in the role of creation is this.

The top of the central column represents god or a mainframe. All that light that is beyond comprehension enters a central hard drive. Some people call this God and he has this idea. He sends a task out to be comprehended and developed. The Archangels become the architects who make a blueprint. They pass their plans on to the angels who are the factory worker who creates the idea into reality. They make the product from the plans of the idea of the guy who pays for their checks. Then we are the consumers who use the product and we get to praise the guy who had the idea or leave a bad review on Google for him.

This is a point we loose in America. If through the powers of creation from the beginning we are given the equal power to God or the man who had the dream of reality, why do we lower ourselves below those who run the companies that had the idea for the products we purchase or the people we elect to make the ideas in our government. If more people realize they are god, and that everyone is equal since they are god too, we might bring those who have not seen the light and lost that feeling of love and connectedness back into the fold and they will not be separate or higher in position and not feel lower anymore. There are far more people in this world who are unified that buy the products or elect the kings than the CEO or the leaders of this world. In this multitude, there must be someone who can reach them and bring them back to the family. To let them continue on their own is a drain on the whole. They are trying to create a new world from taxed resources.

Taxed resources? Do you keep going back to the gas pump alone? No, you need to go back to the well. Well, if they are that desperate to create their own world, we might be able to find a way to send them back to the source of that unimaginable light so they can start out once again from the void to make their own universe. As modern quantum scientists explain, our universe is just one badminton birdie amongst infinite others that take up very little space in the source of it all. The gnostics mention Sophia who did just this to create our own world when she fell from her place of origin and her son who did not know her created desire and fear. He feared if he existed something else might, then when nobody said hi or killed him he desired others to play with and our world was created. Then when he made something great, his mom only showed up to take the credit. In fact, maybe I should go back to the source and find another badminton birdie to play with... 

To find more illuminated souls visit Angelica of the Angels in Salem, Ma to find out we are a lot more than witches! Also the Salem Love Psychic, will be teaching more secrets of the Tree of Life in her Thursday 6pm advance classes in Peabody Ma. Contact us through our website to sign up. Soon she will be teaching classes online though Google Hangouts and Skype.

Angelica of the Angels, the home of the Salem Love Psychic.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Amazing Phenomena Going on in Our Spiritual Development Classes!!!

Good morning everyone!
Want to let you all know we are having the most wonderful experiences at our Classes.
Seeing in real-time, SPIRIT ENERGY and SPIRIT LIGHTS. Also overshadowing from spirits on each person.
We have finally caught it on camera, THE ENERGY on each student. Which we will be showing soon on facebook. Really if you are not a believer (YOU WILL BE AFTER YOU SEE IT) Meaning Spirit Energy. Of course, I already am a believer and I want the whole world to see and experience the LOVE of SPIRIT. It takes the FEAR of DEATH away and helps with daily life experiences. It is with an understanding of who and what we are put on this Earth for.
List to go out next week of upcoming EVENTS.

With the Love of the Angels,
~Rev. Barbara
 The Salem Love Psychic

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Its Back!!! Mercury Retrograde has landed.

What is Mercury Retrograde? We have a number of Mercury retrograde guides and definitions here, but for the purpose of relationship keeping, we can do a quick review. 

We have a few elements in play here. And remember, this is also eclipse season. We have a New Moon in Cancer solar eclipse on July 2, in an eclipse cycle that will close with the Full Moon in Capricorn and lunar eclipse on July 16. Big changes are ahead for Earthlings. And we don’t want those changes to happen in our relationship. Or do we? We might. The main element here for the purpose of today’s discussion is the retrograde angle. 

This is when physically, a planet slows down. It slows down so much that it appears as if it is going backward, and in some ways it does. The communication planet Mercury is going to be retrograde from July 7 to August 1, smack dab in the middle of this eclipse season. That means that anything that Mercury rules is going to feel a little slower. That’s travel, communication, short journeys, and all gadgets and devices that manage those things for us in our lives. 

So just when you are waiting for that text to be returned, it doesn’t come. It may have been that gadgets messed things up. It may have slipped your partner’s mind. But you still wonder, and maybe it wasn’t just that your partner just had something else on their mind. And then panic sets in. Don’t let it. 

Follow this checklist to keep love alive during Mercury retrograde, no matter what. Mercury Retrograde 2019 Relationship-Saving Checklist:
  1. Keep expectations low. Don’t start anything. And work on finishing up old business in love. Table anything new for now, and don’t go into any new dates thinking this is The One. It might not be. Looks are very deceiving right now. Keep expectations low and then you don’t have disappointments that follow. 
  2.  Patience gets you everywhere. This is not the time to lash out at someone for not returning a text. Just wait for it. Go on and have a busy life until it comes. It will. Or it won’t. Either way, your Universe is making you wait for the answer. Just wait for it. 
  3. Be patient. This is the kind of time where you run over to someone’s house to help them with a phone or computer to use while they figure out their situation. Or it’s the time to wait at home or with your life until you hear from them. Patience gets you everywhere. 
  4.  Forgiveness is beautiful. When you forgive under a Mercury retrograde spell, something magical happens. You feel better, more free, and more loving. And so does your partner. Get in the habit of forgiveness as it is a very karma inspired thing to do right now. Forgive. And you will literally forget. Make-up kisses rock under Mercury retrograde. 
  5.  Be nostalgic. This is the time to recreate the first date, even if it’s not an anniversary. Do something that makes them look back, like Mercury is doing right now. Single or attached, you can get a lot of breakups healed under Mercury retrograde when you do this. Breakups aren’t always forever. This is important. There are going to be breakups during Mercury retrograde. They rarely last. So hang in there. And use some of the above tips to patch things up. 
  6. Follow up. If you are confused, ask. And if you get a text or DM, reply. Quickly. Others are just as impatient with technology as you are right now. Just respond. Do unto others as you would want them to do to you, and get into this habit. It’s never a bad idea to get back to someone right away. 
  7.  Update your online profile. If you are single, just reboot it. Add a magical quote or touch that makes you stand out. Don’t allow first impressions to matter. Nothing is as it should be under this retrograde and eclipse cycle. Just be open to anything and everything and you are good to go. 
Concluding Thoughts… Mercury retrograde can be a beautiful and magical spell, but because it is happening under an eclipse spell, it can feel a little manic. It’s not. When it feels that way, stop everything, slow down, be patient, breathe, and think it through. And never forget that we are here for you too! Love thy neighbor that is the secret Good Luck.

With the Love of the Angels,
~Rev. Barbara
 The Salem Love Psychic

Sunday, June 23, 2019

5 Tips on How to Love Your Soul Mate

Do’s & Don’ts for Soulmate Loving

Gemini energy is airy energy that isn’t heart-centered, so this is going to make the first half of June a little scattered in love. On June 21, energy from the Cardinal sign of the Water signs arrives when the planets begin to collect in Cancer. That is a slower and more loving energy that will support your Summer romance. But until then, the answer, my friends, is blowing in the winds of Gemini.

A soul mate is an everlasting love. So although Gemini is not really known for that, being noted by the Twins amplifies the soul mate potential. So our Summer soul mate checklist for Gemini decision-making is not really catering to the kind of Summer fling that is fleeting. You want this Summer love to last beyond. You’re picturing them at your Christmas dinner table.

Making the wrong decision now could set a tone for the rest of the Summer and even the rest of the year as we hit the halfway mark of 2019. So, put this list up everywhere you need to see it to make good love decisions right now.

Here is what you should and should not do when looking for soul mate signs during Gemini season:

1. DO be flexible.

Gemini is a Mutable Sign and can roll with the flow. Sometimes too fast. They are as flexible as they come. So this is what you need to be. If you want to go somewhere with your honey, or your bestie to look for a honey, be flexible. Don’t be rigid in what you want to do. Don’t think. Just do. Decide to roll with it, and you’ll worry about fewer decisions. Fixed signs Scorpio, Taurus, and Leo, you need to write this one down!

2. DON’T be shy.

Gemini is a little social butterfly. This is not the time to sit around and wait for your Prince Charming to knock on your door. Nobody is going to come knocking, sweetie. Unless of course you are charmed by the UPS guy. It happens. But mostly, it doesn’t. So you have to put yourself out there. You have to make the decision to put yourself out there, and all other decisions fall into place. Follow your heart if you are a shy one (Virgo, we are talking to you - and Pisces too).

Spend some time in meditation and ask your angels to send your soul mate signals on what to do to put yourself out there.

3. DO bring out that smart sense of yours, and your witty sense of humor.

Geminis love sarcasm and wit, and higher-level thinking. So bring this into your love matches. Just lead with your Einstein level, whether you have Gemini in your natal chart mix or not. Even if you don’t’ know or meet any Geminis, use Gemini energy of witty thinking in your love game.

Decide to show off that awesome brain of yours. You may not think you are a smart person, but everybody has it. Whatever it is that you are good at, and love to do, you are gifted in. Show that off. Whoever laughs the loudest at your wit is the one that is dying to be with you. They will just “get you.” They may not even know it. If there is someone that wants to be up all night with you exploring every cranny of your brain, that is a soul mate sign. It’s hard, but putting yourself out there and showing off those fancy gifts will send signals to that soulmate who is as eager to meet you as you are them.
4. DON’T be impulsive.

And don’t let others force you to be impulsive. Gemini can be a little too flexible sometimes. That makes them impulsive. They say and do things they can’t take back. So be smart, be a social butterfly, be flexible and roll with it, but don’t rush with it. It’s okay to think things through even when things are moving fast, as things can do in the Summer.

Say you need to put a pin on it, think it through, or get back to someone. You don’t need to rush in, and if someone is pressuring you to, then you need to think that one through too. Gemini can be tricky in their impulsivity, and not always on the good side of life kind of tricky. If something feels ick in love, move on until you’ve thought it through. Stay in the light, and you stay in the love the Universe wants you to have when you are praying for soulmates.

5. DO be dependable.

Soul mate love is an everlasting love. So you really need to commit to this. One thing that Gemini is known for is flitting from one thing to the next. They go from one job to the next sometimes, one love to the next, one whatever to the next. This doesn’t always work in a long-term romance unless that is what you want. Be there in love. Scattered Gemini energy can attempt to sway you from being there when you need to be. Don’t feed that. And don’t put up with excuses from someone that is not so dependable.

Be real in your expectations in love. They may not match someone else’s. That is not your problem. Don’t adjust what you want and deserve because of someone else’s demands. Be dependable to YOU too! You are allowed to want what you want. Stick to it. The Mutable signs, Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, and Pisces, need to pay attention to this one. Be there for you, and be there for who you need to be there for.

Concluding Thoughts…

That is it my friends! Everything you need to do to make soulmate love. When the Sun leaves airy Gemini and moves into sweet loving Cancer. Gemini season doesn’t need to be scary. You just need to know how to roll with it. When you do, by the time that Summer Solstice arrives, you’ll already have made a host of amazing decisions.

With the Love of the Angels,
~Rev. Barbara
 The Salem Love Psychic

Sunday, June 16, 2019

The Artist and the Spirit of Intention

Whatever you intend to create in your life involves generating the same life-giving quality that brings everything into existence. The spirit of anything, the quality that allows it to come into the world of form, is true as a general principle, so why not activate it within you? The power of intention simply awaits your ability to make the connection.
We’ve already established that intention isn’t a material substance with measurable physical qualities. As an example of this, think of artists. Their creations aren’t merely a function of the quality of the paint, brush, canvas, or any other combination of materials they use. To understand and grasp the creation of a masterpiece, we have to take into account the thoughts and feelings of the artist. We must know and enter into the movement of the creative mind of the artist in order to understand the creation process. The artist creates something out of nothing! Without the thoughts and feelings of the artist, there would be no art. It’s their particular creative mind in contemplation that links to intention to give birth to what we call an artistic creation. This is how the power of intention worked in creating you, someone new, entirely unique, someone out of nothing. Reproducing this in yourself means encountering the creative impulse and knowing that the power of intention is reaching for the realization of all that it feels and that it is expressing itself as you.
What you’re feeling is a function of how you’re thinking, what you’re contemplating, and how your inner speech is being formulated. If you could tap into the feeling of the power of intention, you’d sense that it is ever-increasing, and confident in itself because it’s a formative power so infallible that it never misses its mark. It’s always increasing and creating. The forward movement of spirit is a given. The power of intention yearns toward fuller expressions of life, just as the artist’s feelings pour out in a fuller expression of his or her ideas and thoughts. Feelings are clues about your destiny and potential, and they’re seeking the full expression of life through you.
How do you enter into the spirit of intention, which is all about feelings expressing life? You can nurture it by your continual ongoing expectation of the infallible spiritual law of increase is a part of your life. We saw it through our imaginary capacity to see higher vibrations, and we heard it in the voice given to it by spiritual masters throughout the ages. It’s everywhere. It wants to express life. It’s pure love in action. It’s confident. And guess what? You are it, but you’ve forgotten. You need to simply trust your ability to cheerfully rely upon Spirit to express itself through and for you. Your task is to contemplate the energies of life, love, beauty, and kindness. Every action that’s in harmony with this originating principle of intention gives expression to your own power of intention.
So let us all get into the power of Intention do it with LOVE.
With the Love of the Angels,
~Rev. Barbara